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just the way WE are

Photography is not about the photograph; it's about the experience... Getting close without intruding... It's not so much about the surroundings; it's the emotion you bring to the scene...


The eyes are the window to the soul.


Being able to look into someone's eyes and see their true personality... Who they really are... See it... Bring it out and capture it...


In each unique, yet sometimes brief encounter, it is my challenge to put someone at ease, understand who they are, and create a masterpiece portrait that says:


This is who you are, at this precise moment in your life, and I have captured you...


Just the way you are...



That's the beauty of what she does. You feel her passion. You sense the connection she makes with each person. You feel the emotion and excitement when she says ~ "Yes!" knowing it's been captured. She is a truly gifted artist and I love watching her work!


~ Laurie Watson

Photography Client and

VP of Brown Distributing



About the Artist


Looking back on the experiences in my life, I can easily say that the most gratifying fulfillments have come from getting to know people; people from all walks of life; understanding their personalities, looking in their eyes and seeing where they have been. I find a lot of times when talking to someone, they tend to start apologizing for their shortcomings, the choices they've made in life, or simply for being different. The beauty in life is that we are all different; everyone is unique in their own way. The beauty of photography is recognizing that beauty in each person and bringing it out in a photograph.


I'd like to say I have all sorts of degrees and awards in photography, but all I have are "rewards". I started shooting when I was eight years old and have spent a lifetime on both sides of the camera. Photographs I have taken have been in newspapers and magazines, in books and on CDs, on billboards, in commercial ads, on motorcades and t-shirts of musicians, and in hundreds of homes across the US. I have photographed backstage and onstage at country music concerts; have created many modeling portfolios and headshots; and photographed many local, state, and national events. Along the way, when people would ask me if I was a professional photographer; I would always say "no, it's just a hobby." I just do what I love to do and it seems to keep me busy.


In my spare time I was . . . a stock broker, a realtor, a business owner, a chair for the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Texas, facilitator for the U.S. Department of Labor - Women's Bureau, state trapshooting champion, body-building champion, eleven years coaching baseball and softball, accomplished athlete, pianist, speaker and writer and on and on. But nothing means as much to me as having raised two children; coaching all their ball teams, attending every school play, assembly, open house, awards ceremony, graduation, etc. etc., while maintaining a career and a home. My rewards have been their strengths, accomplishments, drive, compassion and intelligence.


"You are whoever you are for whatever reason that is and I like you . . . just the way you are."